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mangosteen Fruit

Mangosteen is no other than the short name for the purple mangosteen, and the purple mangosteen is a type of tropical-like form of evergreen tree that is native to the Sunda Islands and Moluccas of Indonesia.

The purple mangosteen grows mainly in Southeast and also in other places. One of these other places is the South American country called Colombia. Garcinia Mangostana is the scientific name for the purple mangosteen tree and the purple mangosteen itself does belong to the very same genus as does the lesser known of the mangosteens.

What are some of the lesser known mangosteens?

Well, they are no other than button mangosteens, as well as the charichuelo mangosteens.

Mangosteen Benefits – Mangostana Fruit

Mangostana Fruit

The fruit of the mangosteen is very sweet, juicy, and tangy to the taste. It has a color that is deeply reddish- purple when ripe and its rind is called the exocarp. This exocarp is not edible and the skin of the fruit is edible/very fragrant in scent.

The purple mangosteen evergreen tree can get very tall and that is from 20 to 82 feet tall in height. The purple mangosteen is a tropical type of tree and must grow only in a very warm type of climate only.

However, they are known to recover very well, if they should fall victim to cold spells on occasion.

The endocarp, or the inner layer of the ovary, belonging to the purple mangosteen fruit is edible. It is botanically called an aril and is white-colored in appearance. This aril also closely resembles a tangerine in size and have a very mild aroma about them. They are also wedge-looking in view and contain seeds that are not good to the taste unless they’ve been roasted.

What Are Xanthones?

The subsurface of the mangosteen excocarp does contain different polyphenols that do include xanthone and tannins. Xanthonoid is a natural chemical phenolic compound that is formed from the xanthone backbone and it is a member of the Clusiaceae family. Xanthone, itself, is an organic compound, and it is used as both an insecticide, ovacide for coding moth eggs, and also a larvicide.

Tannins are a bitter plant compound that binds itself to proteins, amino acids, and other alkaloids. The peel of the mangosteen is loaded with xanthonoids, one of which is mangostatin, and other key phytochemicals that have super anti-oxidant properties in them.

There have been lots of studies done on the peel of the mangosteen and some amazing findings were learned. From the juice, which comes directly from the mangosteen peel, there is tons of good health aspects.

Mangosteen Juice Benefits

Vemma Juice

This peel extract was found to contain properties to lessen the blood levels associated with C-reactive protein. C-reactive protein is a bio- marker for inflammation. Some other studies have shown that this extract can also contains some anti-cancer effects, in addition, as well.

Mangosteen juice has lots of health rewards attached to it and this is a good thing.

Mangosteen is not something that is available in all countries. However, it has been used traditionally as a source of medicine regularly for a very long time, and this is mainly in Southeast Asia. They have been used as a form of treatment for skin infections, wounds, urinary tract infections, dysentery, and other ailments.

Therefore, with all of this said, it seems that Mangosteen does indeed have a lot to offer people from a good health perspective.

All about the Mangosteen that you wanted to know is being presented here. What cannot be presented is exactly all that it can do for you, from a health advantage.

So, with this said, there is a product called Vemma.

What is Vemma?

Vemma Reviews

It is simply put, nutrition for a lifetime, and the reason this is being said is obvious. Vemma is a top of the line premium anti-oxidant supplement that delivers nothing but the very best. This very best is in the form of an ultimate kind of nutritional foundation that each of us do need every day that we live.

Vemma in injected with not just the wildcrafted Mangostreen, which is an awesome health power unto itself, but also lots of other essentials as far as vitamins and minerals do go. It is truly the ultimate and perfect platform amid health supplements.

So, do try this nutrition for a lifetime product, and it will change your health for the better overall.

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